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七年级英语上册阅读竞赛试题与答案 初一阅读竞赛试卷 I. Multiple Choice on Vocabulary. (2%*10=20%) Directions: Choose one item which best completes each sentence. 1. It takes hard work to make a dream come true. Just remember, never _______. A. give up B. stand up C. lie down D. go away 2. When people saw pictures taken from Mars, they were _______. There were no plants or animals. There were no signs of life at all. A. satisf B. thankful C. happy D. disappointed 3. All of a ______ a big wind blew. The ketchup bottle fell over. A. suddenly B. sudden C. suddenness D. sufficient 4. In the Arctic, summer lasts only two months _____ the end of June _____ the end of August. A. between … and … B. both … and C. from … to … D. either … or … 5. In college, Summer began to dream of being in the

Olympic games. After the long hard training, her dream _______. A. went out B. came true C. gave up D. kept trying 6. Mr. Lopez is a/an _______ coach. He told his students not to give up and had them practise happily. A. excellent B. interesting C. happy D. unsuccessful 7. Soccer is a/an ______ sport. No one player wins a game alone. A. hard B. amazing C. world D. team 8. The children stood on the sidewalk and _________. But they could see nobody. A. looked around B. look up C. looked for D. looked at 9. When the pirates found their captain was a coward, they began to ______ him. A. take care of B. wait for C. turn against D. think of 10. A robot is a machine that can be told _______. Then it can do the job by itself. A. how to do B. what to do C. when to meet D. where to go II. Choose the correct answer. (2%*15=30%) Directions: Choose the best answer according to the information in the recommended books.

11. The arctic hare and the Arctic fox have _______ fur in summer. A. dark B. white C. red D. yellow 12. The first ________ sent to Mars had special cameras. It took pictures of Mars and sent them back to Earth. A. robot B. plane C. spacecraft D. planet 13. Ella’ s glass slipper was _____. Nobody’ s foot could fit into it except Cinderella’s. A. too small B. so beautiful C. too big D. magic 14. On the way, Molly found the wrong way. She __________. A. changed the sign and made everyone go the wrong way B. pushed Rocky into the trash bin made Pinky skate into the bush C. caught up to the others and told them the right way D. was the last to cross the finish line 15. At first, Michael’s older brother was ______ than Michael while playing basketball. A. better B. worse C. poorer D. more 16. Players in the Tigers _______ each other. When they meet difficulties, they help each other a lot.

A. laugh at B. kick C. scare D. support 17. Where did Katy stay when her classmates visited the Lakeland Science Museum? A. In a room all about robots. B. In her own lab. C. In a room all about animals. D. In B Street Museum. 18. Katy made a robot called Plato. It can __________. A. help mothers do some housework B. help students care about school things C. help farmers pick tomatoes and apples D. help people pick things up under water 19. At last, the Lost Boys were not scared any more. They fought as a team and killed _______ of the pirates. A. some B. most C. one D. none 20. A _______ is inside almost all robots. It controls every move the robot makes. A. camera B. wheel C. computer D. battery 21. On Saturday morning, Coach Barnes found their equipment bag missing. It was full of _______. So they had to throw the ball. A. bats B. team shirts C. new balls D. baseball mitts 22. Mr Smith was a _______ in the 1960s. With his help, the Falcons played the best they had ever played.

A. successful scientist B. great engineer C. helpful kind man D. big league ball player 23. When someone said Sue’s not doing very well, she felt like _______. A. smiling B. shouting C. crying D. running 24. At this moment, it is _______ o’clock in London. People are leaving work and on their way home. A. one B. five C. eight D. ten 25. Ziggy followed the beautiful flowers and picked lots of them. He went farther and farther. At last, he _______. A. felt hungry B. was caught by Ben C. got lost on Earth D. found some rocket fuel III. Cloze. (2%*10=20%) Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. On a clear night, look up at the sky. Look for a glowing 26 dot. It is not a star. It is a planet 27 Mars. A planet can be made of dirt, rock, and sometimes gas. There are eight planets that travel 28 our Sun. Our Earth is the

third planet from the Sun. Mars is the 29 planet, right after the earth. Mars and Earth are next-door neighbours! Mars is 30 from Earth. It is only about half the size. If you look at Mars 31 a telescope, the planet looks reddish. It is much colder than 32 . The temperatures are almost always below zero. The air is so thin that a person could not 33 it. Still, Mars is the planet most like Earth. Mars is like Earth in many ways. It 34 days and nights. There are ice caps at the top and bottom. 35 planets also have moons. Earth has one moon. Mars has two. 26. A. black B. red C. yellow D. brown 27. A. call B. calls C. calling D. called 28. A. around B. behind C. along D. through 29. A. first B. second C. fourth D. fifth 30. A. same B. different C. far away D. similar 31. A. through B. into C. at D. to 32. A. Moon B. Sun C. Earth D. Planet 33. A. touch B. feel C. breathe D. get 34. A. has B. is C. likes D. is like 35. A. Either B. Neither C. All D. Both IV. Reading Comprehension. (3%*10=30%) Directions: Each passage is followed by questions based

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